You’re invited to help us celebrate and remember Kendall Wernet by “doing a good turn TODAY.”

When: Today, June 7, through June 30, 2019
What: A Facebook Fundraiser for Calvary Episcopal Food Pantry
How: Donate to Our Facebook Campaign Here

Dear friends and family,

It’s June 7 again—a day that is filled with celebration, longing, and sadness all at once. We can’t believe it’s the fourth time we’ve celebrated today without our boy, and yet, we still have a hard time imagining any more years without him.

Thanks to your kindness and generosity, we raised over $10,000 for MANNA Food Bank’s school packs program last year, an amount we never even knew to hope for! Our original goal was $500, and we continued to increase it during the day.

Additionally, the fundraiser allowed us to connect with Kendall’s loved ones and create a new tradition on a day that has traditionally been hard for us to remember. We love continuing to “do a good turn daily” in his memory. Here’s what we’re up to this year:

Why, from Calvary Episcopal Food Pantry: “Calvary Episcopal Church Food Pantry, Inc. is designated as a “very large” food pantry, as scored by our partner, MANNA Food Bank, and we are an authorized distributor of federal SAM and Henderson County TEFAP food. Our goal is to provide at least half a week’s provisions per weekly visit.  We aim to provide 45-50% of a family’s needs in fruits, vegetables, and grains, 25% of its milk, and 90% of its protein. From January 2012 through 2018 the Pantry has purchased or collected and then has distributed nearly $2 million in food and household necessities. 

We are busy and crowded on Saturdays, when the Pantry is open to clients.  However, during the week, we are also busy, receiving and stocking food. This involves heavy cart and pallet jack traffic as well as many hours of volunteer time to shift, repackage and stack goods on the shelves.

These activities contribute to the wear and tear on the building and space restrictions prevent us from obtaining additional food supplies we might otherwise have donated to the Pantry. We currently lack space in the Calvary Parish Hall to adequately serve the growing number and needs of our clients.

To better serve our clients, the Food Pantry committee made a decision to raise money for a separate building on Calvary Church’s campus in order to enhance our ability to provide additional nutritious food to our clients. The cost for the new building is estimated at $500,000.

We are applying for grants that will help cover the construction costs as well as the cost of equipping the building and donations are welcome.” For more on their mission, visit

Details: All donations given to the Kendall Wernet community foundation fund between June 7 and June 30 will go toward a new building for Calvary’s Food Pantry. In addition, all donations made during this time period will be MATCHED by the Kendall Wernet Community Foundation

While we love any and all donations, we’re especially hoping for lots of small contributions. If every family member or friend of Kendall’s decided to give $5 or $10 as a birthday gift, we’d make it to our goal of $2,500 in no time!

Follow this link to make sure your donation ends up in the right place.

If you’d rather not donate through Facebook, you can donate by following these directions or contributing via venmo @Kaitlin-Wernet. And treat yourself to a vanilla cupcake today — Kendall’s favorite!

Thanks for celebrating with us and doing a good turn today!